The Right Neighborhood to Fit You

Where to Look. How to Factor a Decision.

Where does one begin when looking for a neighborhood to fit their family? There are many things to consider when choosing an area for your new home. Not only is the family aspect first and foremost important, but so can other economic considerations in making the final decisions. Consider some of the following when making the choice.

  1. Commute- What is the distance you’ll feel most comfortable with in the daily trips to work and back each day. Will it be further than normal? Factor in added monthly expenses for fuel, maintenance and sometimes insurance premiums.
  2. Schools- Many people often find the right neighborhood that really fits most things they desire. But sometimes the idea of taking kids out of and transferring to another school as a result of the move is a bit too much. Factor in the new distance if you’re going to be playing “school bus” parent for them to continue attending the school.
  3. Your Lifestyle- Evaluate the lifestyle you lead as a family. How much travel is there and how far will you be from the most frequented activity? It can factor into a decision of areas in which to live.
  4. Taxes- How does the area compare with the tax levels from your current place. While value of home will dictate the property tax, county by county and sometimes even cities and towns will most likely differ in taxation.

This covers the economic impact for finding the right neighborhood to fit your family. Now the more obvious ones.

  1. Culture – Today, not many subdivisions don’t have homeowners associations. It can make a difference. Start there.  Then, does the subdivision take on a more quiet, private feel? or does it seem community and activity driven. While looking in subdivisions and you see people outside, stop and ask about the culture. Better to learn before than after.
  2. Look and Feel – Do you like a more mature area with big trees, older homes and a sense of history or are you willing to help grow one by starting out in a newer, fresh neighborhood? Are the homeowners of mixed ages or do you prefer a majority to match your family make up?
  3. Children – There are many factors too for children. Does the area seem active with children but void of any clutter? Do the kids seem outdoor active. Is there designated ground area for kids? Are the schools that serve the area of highest quality?

One can easily monitor different areas with a great app that reports daily updates to you. With an app such as Homescout in example, you not only can track everything in multiple locations, but additionally learn about amenities, schools, sales, new listings  and more. You’ll need a VIP code to download this app. Use ours. 3036698454 and take it for a spin.

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