Navigating Denver’s Tight Housing Market

Right Place – All the Time

How do you be at the right place all the time? It seems that is what’s necessary to score a home in Denver these days. With the continued growth of industry and jobs into the area, the demand for housing will most likely be a constant for a while. Homes in the market sometimes don’t even make it to the multiple listing service before they are gone to contract. Others last maybe a day to a week before the pending sale or under contract sign is placed in the yard.

So how does one be in the right place all the time? Modern technology (Apps) have become a key component in helping the absentee home shopper a shot at a property offer as well. There are many on the market, but not all deliver the listings in real time as they come through the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) channels. Trulia and Zillow are popular ones that enable a person to get updates on home availability, but lack achieving 100% of the listings to the app and not much else on the areas. has a program as well, but it too does not have the robust information or all the current listings. A newer one to the market is found with HomeScout. It delivers at 100% of the listings directly through the MLS channels, while also allowing the user to learn more about the schools, neighborhoods, shopping and other amenities in a radius around the property listing.

Technology, love it or hate it is a key for the success that comes in finding and buying a home in the Denver metro market. Be in the right place all the time using the power of technology. It’s a must for a thriving market.

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