Getting Yourself Positioned to Purchase a Home

Pre-Approval and Pre-Qualifying

Getting Pre-Approval and Pre-Qualified for a Home Loan

Sellers and real estate agencies often require that a potential buyer (client) is pre-qualified for a loan that meets listing prices to the homes of interest. It’s a common practice and we can make that happen for you! Keep in mind, a pre-approval is different than a pre-qualified for loan status. The latter requires a credit check and other verificaations to accompany that status. To get a pre-approved:

  • Complete an application with either a quick 10 minute direct phone call to us or by filling out our online application.
  • We’ll request documents to verify income assets, job history and any other pertinent information from the application process.
  • Once verified, we will receive either computerized underwriting approval or an actual underwriting review for early approval.

We can then issue the pre-approval status you’ll need to start shopping for a home.