Specialty Loan Products

We’re Adaptable to All Needs

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Loans to fit your life work

There are many contributing factors that can come into play when securing a home loan. Whether a standard purchase or a second vacation property or a renovation.
Sometimes student debt or professional overhead such as a physician or other health professional might have can hamper the loan qualifying ability. Our Team Hickmon professionals will work with you in identifying which of our Specialty Home Loan products below would best work for you.

We have some of the best resources in the business to use in qualifying you for your loan. Let us help.

Call Now – 303-669-8454  and we’ll get the process started for you

Vacation Homes

You spotted the mountain retreat home of your dreams. Now, how do you finance it? We’re Here.

New Professionals

New Professional. New practice. Business and educational debt can wreak havoc on your housing needs. See us.

Medical Professionals

We know the hardships of being a medical professional, in practice but needed to house your family.

Rehab Financing

You found the ultimate retro fixer upper. Now, how do you buy and cover the costs to make it what you want?

TIN Loans

Lacking a Social Security number but have outstanding work and taxation history? We can help. Bi-Lingual Office.