Colorado’s Great Business Migration

The Front Range is Front Choice.

Moving is often one of the most dreaded and stressful times in a life. Unless of course it’s a new dream home. But what about a business moving? Corporations, companies and businesses seem to all be on the move in the US over the past ten years. One of the most sought after locations to locate to: Colorado.

Colorado is seeing a boom town business relocation growth across the state and it doesn’t seem to be easing up. There are lots of reason’s why this is occurring and at the forefront is a growing workforce that enjoys the outdoor activity, great weather and easy lifestyle.

For a company to move to a new location they must be motivated by appealing rent pricing for space, modern design of spaces, an educated workforce, housing to facilitate the growth, central location to travel, taxes and overall cost of doing business. Colorado offers this and more.

Colorado has seen the likes of Xero Global HQ move in from San Francisco in 2016, DaVita Global HQ from California in 2010, Vertafore HQ from Washington in 2017 and BP Lower 48 HQ from Houston coming in 2018. These companies all coming to the Denver Metro area.

With the move comes existing workforce and expectations to fill expansion with a new workforce that is here ready, willing and able.

Colorado. The new gateway to corporate America.

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