The Holiday Season Is Upon Us

From Halloween to the New Year

We all know what happens when Halloween comes up each year. Yep, it’s the season! A run down to the New Year that goes all to fast. It’s the part of the year that we spend a lot of time in the home for family and friend events such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s decorations inside and out while calculating the cold verses a sneaky warm Colorado sunny day to get the outdoor work done.

It’s also a  time to really take a good look at our home inside and out. Making plans for the New Year by recognizing areas of the home that could use some updating. You might be thinking an updated kitchen or even making the dining room larger and adding some windows for more light. That is what renovation financing is all about. We can help make that New Year vision a reality. A simple sit down with a mortgage planner to help evaluate your vision and how best to accomplish it in 2019 can help you breeze through the holiday season.

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