Before You Take Down Christmas

Make it a Photo Op

Every year there is debate about when to take down holiday decorations. Ideally that decision is often best left to the family themselves. There are many factors that come into play and ultimately no real set time to make it happen. It is best however if you have a cut tree, to keep checking the needles and water reservoir to make certain that it doesn’t dry out.

Keep this in mind before taking down your decorations. If they really stand out as beautiful decor for the home, it’s not a bad idea to take photo’s of the home all decked out in its holiday glory. Should you at some time decide to sell your home, you will have not only the memories of the holidays spent at the home, but images you can offer to the realtor for the listing. 
When staging the home for sale, maybe using an image or two that lends the holiday visual to a potential buyer might just be the icing on the transaction! 

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