Debunking Mortgage Insurance Myths

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An Eighteen year veteran of home loan lending in Colorado, Ashley created the Fairway Fast Speed Team that gets loans closed in record time!

Here’s to everyone who wants to purchase a home, millennials included, in 2019! Don’t believe what you read, there are many articles floating around out there and each is more discouraging than the last!

I have real world experience and I would be starving to death if buyers needed to save 20% before beginning the home buying process, that is completely false. The vast majority of my clients are purchasing homes with less than 5% down, and a large percentage of those are paying either reduced monthly MI or NO monthly MI. Putting 20% down is not a reality or a necessity and unbelievably enough, the interest rates are often slightly less with 15% down vs. 20%.

These types of articles are misleading and discouraging to those with aspirations of buying and I am here to give you hope! Let me show you how to avoid paying MI with less than 20% down, it is easy!! I am passionate about helping people to get into a home of their own and I consider myself an expert at using the resources and loan programs available to ensure that we get you the best payment for the most house. Every penny counts, saving $100 a month in MI can gain you an additional $20k in buying power. This is not rocket science, just years of mortgage experience, which the authors of articles like the one in Denver’s publication Westword, don’t have.