Close and Move in Winter

Baby It’s Cold Outside!

In a strong real estate market such as Denver’s, we are seeing a continuation of homes selling into the Fall and speculate that it will take us right through into Winter.

Actually, sellers find it advantageous to list or continue to list their property for sale because of less competition. The buyers are still out there and the pool of available homes can sometimes make it easier to get your sale.

But with a sale comes the close and peoples need to move in and out. Buyers expect to receive the home in just as good of condition as when it showed.  Both buyers and sellers have the burden now of moving in the cold.  Tips to make it a good experience,

1- Hire a group of professional movers. (They’re use to all season moving)

2- Prep the home for the added foot traffic. Things such as carpet protection and entry / exit mats are a good idea.

3- Make sure you don’t have the utilities scheduled for a shut off and that the new owner is also set to have a transfer of account in order.

4- Keep extra warmth clothing and accessories out and at the ready.

5- Just in case, have shovels and De-icing products at the ready and the last thing put into the truck.

Most importantly, be careful. Over exertion on cold days with the added weight of warm jackets, can result in an unwanted trip to the ER.

Make the move a memorable and great experience. It’s Colorado!


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