Are Virtual Tours Worth It?

Ready to Put Your Home Online?

Virtual tours with a home listing today are like peas and carrots. They seemingly go together for today’s fast paced online hungry world. But are they worth doing? Absolutely!

What Does it Take to Get One Made?

There are several ways to get a video made of your home. A true virtual video would entail having a professional come to your home to essentially create a walk through presentation using 180 and 360 degree views of each and every room in the home. Sometimes a drone is used outside to enhance the production even more with overhead and other property shots. A great editor will weave together an exceptional presentation that really enhances the viewers experience in looking at your listing.

What About a Low Budget Approach?

An alternative to a full production is that of using a slideshow presentation tied together as a video. This allows the seller to save money while still presenting the home and area. Most computers today have built in software that allows you to easily create your own video using just still shot images. You can add special effects, graphic content and even music over the top of a video. To make a nice video, just take consistent pictures and try to lay out the video as if you were walking into the home for the first time. For example, start with the front porch / entry door area.  Then into the foyer and where-ever it would lead from there.

What Kinds of Content Should a Good Video Include?

Nicely done graphic titles over frames is a great start. But don’t overdo the graphic titles and sub-titles either. A simple Front Entry or Large Foyer should suffice on the first image of each new area.

Another addition that you often don’t see and that which can set you apart is adding in area amenities within the proximity to the home. In example, if there is a neighborhood park, or pet area – show it and name it. Or even better would be nice images of the elementary school and local shopping centers in example. Often you can find nice images online of these or you can take your own.

It makes a lot of sense to add elements that a buyer would have interest in, especially if they are looking from outside the area. You never know who is viewing your home and making it appealing with many questions answered just may give you a leg up on other homes out there.


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