Myth: These refinance letters that I am receiving are the real deal

They typically are NOT the real deal! I receive several of these letters every week from my past clients. They reach out via phone, text message and email and they are under the impression that they have received this letter from me, and that I can save them hundreds of dollars a month on their mortgage payment. This is usually not the case. To say the least, these offers are a stretch of the imagination. Your lender, Fairway, for example, is public information. These companies pull your Deed, include the lenders name in the letter and usually a nice little logo, and it looks 100% believable. Your current interest rate might be 3.25%, yet they can lower it enough to save you money!! These offers come with high fees and are often not a fixed rate mortgage. They are fishing for homeowners who might be tempted into a not-so advantageous refinance by the idea of a large sum of cash out. Once they get you to call in, they sell you the goods! Homeowner beware!   

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