Home Loans for New Doctors

The path to a medical career comes with many challenges before a doctor can break away and chart a course for a private practice or clinic position in a preferred location. When a physician is placed in a residency program it often can range from 3 to 5 years.  That is a substantial amount of time and requires money to be spent on housing to facilitate the position.

Depending on the location, a housing market value upswing in just three years could amount to a nice equity position. A doctor need not concern themselves as much with thinking they’re doomed to paying rent during this period in their lives.

There are options for a newly appointed physician to get a “physician loan” and it makes home ownership very attainable. The benefits are many, and the flexible loan requirements are much aligned to the applicant. The heavy student debt balances that often attach to a medical student are treated more favorable in the debt to income requirements and usually have high maximum loan amounts.

The overall upside to the physician home loan is that with rising rental rates in urban areas, home ownership will often afford the doctor a better monthly payment and an equity build before moving on to their next destination. 

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